November 2008:
The highlight of the month was our trip to Kansas for Thanksgiving. We had to keep it short because of the weather and school, so we packed as much as we could in the little time we had. We spent the majority of Thanksgiving Day cooking, the boys were particularly interested in basting the Turkey it turned out beautifully. I made a bunch of pies, including my first banana cream pie. Thanks to my mother -in-law's recipe it turned out sooooo well. Dani wanted to make my grandmother's ambrosia salad.After we had started making it we realized we didn't have any mini marshmallows, so Bryan improvised and spent a long while cutting jumbo marshmallows with (sterilized) kitchen shears. I think I actually liked it better that way!My parents called from New Zealand so we each got to talk to them for a few minutes. It was nice to touch bases, they were missed.Dani showed off her cute new hair cut.The kids all sat down for dinner. It was so nice to have all of Daniel's cousins around, he had so much fun with them all.We spent a while outside and played some games. (okay, so I was inside getting my baby fix by holding my new nephew Nathan....But almost everyone else was outside playing ;)We also made a trip up to the Kansas City Cabella's. They had some great gloves that I really wanted, but were out of stock! I ended up finding a pair I liked even better in the children's section, thank goodness for little hands!These two girls are inseperable. They are so lucky to live so close to each other and get to be such good friends!

Unfortunately I got really sick and a snow storm was due to roll through the next day, so we had to head out. It was far too short and we had such a great time. We'll definitely be back soon. Thanks for having us Dani and David!


The Lassen Family

Too bad you forgot to photoshot my arms and belly in my pic!! :) It was a fun time, but we never did "real" pictures. Spring Break--make sure your batteries are charged and your card is empty--we'll just use your camera.......so mine doesn't get DROPPED!!!!! JK

Washington Hills

Dani, I know you don't know me well, but I had to write - Your haircut is hot stuff! So fantastic!

Swooze, great pictures. Love seeing your family getting bigger. Awesome!

J and M

Hey, I covet this snowing in the background template. Where did you get it? Are you going to the Singers reunion?


Looks like you guys had a great time! Happy late Thanksgiving!

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