For a contest on another blog I have to choose my favorite shot of people. After looking through TONS of photos I've decided to just go with my favorite recent photo to save myself from hours of sorting through my cajillion photos. So my favorite photo right now is..... drumroll please......

This one!
Daniel discovered the thrill of his first snowball fight. I discovered his deadly aim. This kid has got a great arm.


Alex + Anna Winn

That's an awesome shot!! Hopefully it didn't hurt the camera :)

Washington Hills

That is AWESOME! Love it.


I remember when you showed this to me over Christmas break. I love this shot.


Hey Suz! I would TOTALLY do the family tree wheel for you if you want. Just get me all the info. I still owe you for the skirt - will you post a custom item on Etsy so I can pay you for it and leave some good feedback? Please?! Thanks for the good idea about the craft contest - I think it's great!

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