Okay, so I have like 5 posts started and saved, I just have to sit down and finish them all! (Much easier said than done) But luckily this was one I could do quickly and my sister is the one who tagged me, so I know I'll be nagged until I do it!

Here are the rules: Go to My pictures on your computer, Open the 4th file, and post the 4th picture. Then tag 4 friends to do the same.

Here's my picture....

It's my neice Jane from a Campfire/Picnic in Utah this summer. It was a lot of fun and Daniel got his first scraped knee :(

Now I tag:





Have fun!



She is so cute. And, you are right, I was checking your blog to make sure you did it. You might have gotten a nagging phone call tomorrow;) BTW - I really like your background - looks slightly familiar;)

Alex + Anna Winn

Think about coming to see me. Schedule it.


I think that your pictures capture the cuteness of my kids better than any other pictures that I have ever seen. I'm working on your tag right now.

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