2009 in Pictures! 1-2-3

I thought it would be fun to do a quick year in review through photos. Enjoy!
We finally got to see a bunch of cousins that we hadn't seen forever. It was such a fun evening and it was so nice to catch up with everybody. Hopefully next time I won't wait so long to see them all again!
Kourt, Travis and Will

Emery, who you might recognize from way back here

The twins, good friends of mine since birth. The one of the Left is Nate and the one on the right is John. (he he, I wrote that for my mom, who still has problems telling them apart!)

My cute cousin / college roommate Erin with her cute little girl...

whose hair I just LOVE! Seriously, I would just sit and play with it all day, irresistible!
When we got back from California there was a ton of snow to play with! A bit of a shock to the system, lol.

I love it when our Amaryllis finally blooms! Bryan's paternal Grandparents give us one every year and it always gives us so much joy when it finally blooms!
I started writing/creating patterns. One of my first ones was a bottle cover. We've switched over to glass bottles, so I thought this would be really useful... maybe once we start making more outings?? We'll see.

I started a quilt for Daniel. He got to choose the fabric and the colors. I've gotten pretty far on it, but definitely need to get back to work on this one!
I spent a lot of time sewing. I made a bunch of bibs for my sister and some for me to just have on hand. Love making bibs. So relaxing.

Daniel started taking piano lessons. He really liked it, but it didn't last long. He was still a little bit too young to pay attention for 1/2 hour. I'm wondering if we should try again now, but for like 15 mins at a time? Anyone have any ideas what we should do there?

Daniel learned how to write his entire alphabet and his name! He was so proud!
We learned all about primary colors and secondary colors with food coloring and pop bottles.

A leprechaun visited us!

We spent some time in the German area of Columbus. This is by far our favorite part of Columbus.

This is the crazy big bookstore that has over 30 rooms of books. You can find anything here! So fun.


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