2009 in Pictures! 6-7-8

May and June were the months of our great trek. We drove our poor little car from coast to coast within 10 months. This is a map of all our galavantings. Good thing we love a road trip, eh?

Bryan studied for, took, and passed his boards! Yay Bryan! He had to go back to Ohio for the test and some classes. So Daniel and I drove up to Washington to hang out with my sister.

Daniel, Nick and Zoe

We also went through another failed adoption in June. Obviously not fun, and obviously, no pictures. :)
Bryan and I got back to Utah just in time to join his family on a trip to California and spent some time on the beach. So wonderful!

We saw a balloon man...

and some beautiful scenery!

When we got back to Utah we got to spend some time with Bryan's maternal Grandfather and his wife. I always love our visits with him, and this time he told us some fun family stories.

We took some time (on a VERY hot day) to take some family pictures. These are some of my favorites.

And of course before we could leave to go home we did some more... swimming!!!

On our drive home we spent a day near Moab at Arches National Park. So beautiful! I think everyone needs to go hear before they die!

We also stopped at Dead Horse Point which is near there. Amazing views! (I'll have to find/post pictures later!) I've lost most of my pictures for July and August as my hard drive died on me! :(
August found us making our way BACK to Utah to help welcome my parents home from an 18 month mission to New Zealand. Daniel has become quite the traveling pro!

Great minds think alike. Daniel and his cousin found out they had the same shirts! (Daniel thought this was so so funny!)

And he and his cousin Jakob discovered that the other loved lego star wars just as much as they did. (they had a blast)

Think they're related?

We had my family over to Bryan's family's house for a swimmig party.

And the girls all spent a day at the spa! It was awesome. I sooo needed a massage! (this is my neice Becca, she got a mini facial)


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