2009 in pictures! 4-5


In April we had a short break, so we ran over to Kansas to visit my sister and her family and my brother and his family. (so handy that they live so close to each other!)
We got to play with our cute new (ish) nephew,

and Daniel got to play with a bunch of his cousins. He was in heaven!

My brother acted as our tour guide and took us to some of the church historical sights. It's always a sobering experience for me to see how much those who came before sacrificed so that we would be free to practice our religion. Amazing. I'll never get over the trees that covered the temple plot at Far West. Insane, I can't believe that the men had to work so hard to clear those for the site. I would not want to step anywhere near where one of those spikes could be!
We found the grave yard where some of the saints were buried. It was really interesting to note that they were buried right along side the people who drove them out. I guess death makes all men equal.
After Far West we traveled over to Haun's Mill. They tell you not to go when it's rained unless you have four wheel drive. They weren't kidding. We slid all over the place in our little Honda accord. I was convinced we'd end up stuck and with no cell service. We drove back to Columbus (10 hrs away) and I washed the car twice and all the dirt still didn't come off.

It's a very sobering experience to walk that ground. What a sad situation.

We also spent an evening at the Plaza. Such a fun place to go for a night out.

With the weather warming up, we had fun playing at the parks
and having Easter Egg hunts.
We hit the zoo one last time before we left town. Columbus seriously has the best zoo!
Daniel posing as the stinkiest flower ever. (a little too fitting :) )

Daddy's almost as big as a Tiger!

Daniel discovered McDonald's Ice Cream cones. Love at first sight.

We had fun watching hot air balloons and guessing where they would land.
We made our way to the west coast by way of Kansas. Of course a light saber battle ensued. ( I love little boys!)

When we got to Utah the first thing we did was hop into the pool, Look at that little tadpole go!

Thomas was in town so we trucked on over and spent the day in little boy heaven.


Rebekah Anderson

Looks like a good 2009 for you guys...such fun pics. Being a photographer, I personally love the one of the flamingos and Sam at 2months (in an earlier post)!

J and M

This is a GOOD idea!

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