2 Months!

I cannot believe that our little Samy is 2 months old already! I've got so much blogging to catch up on, but can't seem to steal myself away from his scrumptious little cheeks! I'll be back soon, I promise! (ICPC still has not cleared, which I'm not going to talk about because I'm tired of whining! lol)



What a handsome boy!


My heart is melting at how cute he is. I'm still so excited for you guys.


Oh My Goodness. I feel pathetic for not reading all the way through your previous post. Maybe I wouldn't have NOT EVEN KNOWN UNTIL YESTERDAY that you guys were blessed with a little SAM in your lives! Congrats, folks, he is SUPER cute! I really mean that. he as adorable eyes. Let me know if the late night feedings are getting you down and you need a pick me up boost of encouragement!

J and M

What a cute bubs......I'm so glad for you (and insanity in older brothers will abate. It will get worse, then better, then worse again aroun 3 or 4 months, then improve)................or so it did here.

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