whew! what a week! it's been so much fun having all of the family here. Last Friday Bryan and I drove up to Idaho falls for one of his best friends weddings. It was nice to have all of that time together in the car without a child demanding our full attention. We spent the day with another good friend of his and had a great time. These boys have all been friends since jr. high, it's pretty cute to hear all of their stories. We drove back the same day and tried to get ready for all of the madness that was about to ensue. On Saturday I once again braved Ikea. (note to self, don't go to Ikea on Saturday the week after it opens!) Nicole was in town already and my mom hadn't been yet. Zoe decided to be my friend on the way there. We ended up having to drag all the kids around Ikea with us since the play land was chalk full. (You'd think they would have made a bigger play land place in a Utah store, no?) Needless to say they were all very tired by the time we left. I finally gave Zoe one of the pillows to lay on. Such a cutie.I also fell in love with these little pink shoes she was wearing. Seriously, adorable. I want to have a daughter just so she can wear pink shoes like these!!Later that night we had a family BBQ and pool party at my in-laws house. Everybody got into town just in time. There were 29 of us there and we did some serious swimming! (I affectionately called it Wootton soup)
I had a SERIOUS burn so I was glad it was dark when we finally started to swim. (I'd never had a burn that blisters before, not fun!)

I'm pretty sure they all had fun! :) Daniel has decided that he really likes his cousins and was trying to give on a kiss here.... yeah, I think we have to explain the boundaries on kissing! It was still pretty cute though, to watch him chase his little cousin as he ran away. (we're not a kissy family in the least)

Then to cap it all off, it was Tyler's birthday so we had cake and ice cream. Jonny thought that this picture was "perfect" because he got his basketball ring in it. funny boys. Be back later with day two of madness!



Sorry, but Zoe is SO cute! That first pic made me sad about losing her hair bow in IKEA again:(

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