Last day of insanity/The Big Day! (A.K.A. LOTS of pictures!)

This picture is typical Daniel. Shoving way too much food into his mouth! (This time it was whoppers they had bribed him with during the ceremony)

Tyler (my nephew) pulling off his GQ look quite smoothly.

The happy couple's debut. Outside of the Temple was incredibly windy, all the Wootton's and their big hair did not fair very well! (actually we were more concerned with keeping our dresses down! :0Here is the happy couple with all of the nieces and nephews. Daniel kept running out of the pictures yelling, "all done! all done!" good try child. He loved counting the beads on Aunt Shannon's neck. I totally freaked out when he pulled her necklace off, but it turned out to have a magnetic clasp. Lucky, lucky us! The next morning he woke up asking for Shannon and wanting to count with her again. It's so funny what kids remember! The reception was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC and it was basically a family dinner. It was gorgeous! A jazz combo played and they had the most incredible floral arrangements. David's family, James, Casera, Julie and Kaitlyn. Love the bouquet!!!I swear this little guy can sleep anywhere! They look happy, but I think they were just too tired to really smile. We've all been there, right?The end of a perfect day.


sarah starr

Hi there Suzanne! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I just saw you over on my blog. I'm glad you found it. I've been a little out of touch since the whole move thing. That would totally ROCK if you moved to Cleveland. Take care and good luck, let me know where you end up. If you see AC tell her hello for me. Does she have a blog?

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