I'm still alive! It's been forever since I've gotten to blog, but today I'm doing a lot of computer work before the move so I'm in the right place at the right time! So much has happened since my last entry, I'll try and cover it all so that I can remember this crazy time later! I've decided that one of the reasons I take so many pictures is that otherwise I'll never remember just what I've done! Okay, so after the wedding Bryan and I needed some time to recover. Family was still in town and we wanted to see them as much as possible, so Daniel and I went up to Lehi and had lunch with some of them, sadly we didn't get to see everybody again before they all had to leave, I guess that just means we need to go visit! The next day we (Daniel and I) went swimming with some of Bryan's cousins and siblings. My little niece Jane was hamming it up for the camera, so of course I "had" to oblige and take lots of shots. What a funny little girl! Here she is with her VERY pregnant mother (see below).

This is by far my favorite shot of her. She's learning young!

I love how cute his curls are just out of the pool!

The next morning we got a call from our sis-in-law saying that her water had broken that morning and she was in the hospital! We were so excited to meet our new little niece! I was able to be there when she was born so that I could get some early pictures for the parents. It was an incredible to experience it from the other end. (not being the one in labor) What an amazing thing it is to have children! The baby was beautiful and only cried for a minute or so. What a sweet heart! Here's a picture of the happy family. (minus big sis)

Daniel was pretty excited about the new baby and tried to share his cheetos with her.

Daniel getting to hold her for the first time.

After the hospital we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and Daniel discovered how fun it is to blow bubbles in his milk. Ah the joys of motherhood!

A couple of days later I got to take some photos of my cousins' little girl. I honestly think she is one of the most gorgeous little girls I have ever seen! What a sweetheart too. She didn't want to look at me whenever I had the camera in front of my face, which made it a little difficult. (but I don't blame her!) Here are just a VERY few of my favorites:

Seriously. SOoo cute!!

The next day we sold put our car on the market and sold it, then bought a used car. We are very happy to have that out of the way and to have a little bigger car. Bryan needed some more leg room!! We finally went and got Daniel his Thomas the train and he is in love!! He even sleeps with them at night. Little boys are so cute.



WOW! You are a crazy lady! Is that Emery? Those eyes seriously kill me. When is the move?

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