Day two of chaos: Sunday We all went to our respective wards for church and then met up in the evening for dinner and a party. Mom's famous dinner rolls were gone faster than any of us could believe. I think she should have quadrupled the recipe. So. Good. The funny part is that only in the last couple of months has she started to make less and less rolls so that she doesn't have tons of leftovers every week. I guess she hasn't reached perfection yet! (her rolls have, just not the amount of them!) This was also the first chance our soon to me new brother in law had to meet the WHOLE family. I think it went well, he still got married! :) After dinner we celebrated 4 birthdays. It was pretty crazy, a bit like Christmas morning with the amount of packages being opened. 3 of the grand kids were born within 2 weeks of each other, so it was particularly fun to have them together near their birthdays.

We also celebrated my baby brother's 21st birthday, this was the happiest I'd seen him in a long time. We gave him a Star Wars DVD as I have learned out in the real world that we were not adequately educated in our youth as we were deprived of the wonder that is Star Wars. I have to protect my younger brother from embarrassment. One of the grand kids was kind enough to pick a flower for Shannon, (not the kid in this picture) but forgot to leave behind the roots. It was pretty cute. Daniel fell in love... with his cousins Thomas the tank engine set. He knew all of the trains by name and lined them up in every imaginable configuration. Guess who needs to go to the store! I hope they're not too expensive!


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