Day three of madness:
We all got together for another BBQ at Steve's house. Great food and lots of room for the kids to run. Daniel discovered guns, much to my dismay. But he kept making beeping sounds as he'd shoot it which is just too cute. I wish he didn't ever have to grow up!
Steve has the coolest water slide that the kids played on. Daniel didn't like it so much as he was the smallest and an easy target with the water guns.We all got to try Nicole and Mel's Wii. It was so much fun! I'm not allowed to post pics of the adults playing, but it was a blast. We tried the sports one where you have to actually do the activity. Such a great idea. Later that night we gathered at a park for family portraits. Totally crazy. 31 people in one shot. (and a million combinations for different shots too)
When all was said and done we went home to prepare for the exciting day to follow.


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