2nd Grade!

I'm a huge slacker, I know. We've survived our first year of residency and we've had a few things going on, lol. So, hopefully all three of you can forgive me? ;)
But, I guess it's REALLY time for me to blog again since we now have a 2nd grader!!!
School started earlier this year to accommodate an "expanded schedule." In other words, we get longer breaks during the year and a shorter summer. I think I'm a fan, but only time will tell. Daniel was so excited to get back to school and see so many of his friends again.

I'm already sensing what a  challenge it will be to keep Sammy busy on my own! He travels at a million miles a minute! We're keeping our fingers crossed for a great year!



Darling! Your boys are so lovable and missed by their cousins.


Suzanne! You blogged! I love it! Oh my goodness everyone is growing up SO fast-2nd grade! Wow. I'm glad Daniel loves school and is excited to see all of his friends again. We all loved getting to see you guys! I had such a great time seeing you, that time flew by way too quick too! Hopefully you'll get to spend some of his longer breaks with us in Utah :-)

Love you lots,


the boys desperately miss Utah and all of their cousins and aunts and uncles! We would be there for every break if it didn't cost so darn much!


Fun to see that you blogged again! And like everyone has said, your boys have grown so much. (and they're so cute!) I was surprised that Daniel was already in school, but longer breaks during the year will be nice.


Hooray! You blogged again! Gorgeous blankets, cutie kiddos, and funny story. Your kids have grown so much. Enjoy your next year of residency.


Hooray for new posts! Daniel looks great in his first day of school pic...

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