Handmade Chevron Chenille....

I just wanted to show how cute this blanket turned out!

 I used the same method that I shared in my tutorial the other day, but instead of sewing straight lines, I just followed the chevron pattern and cut the chenille using scissors. It took forever, but I love how it turned out!



You are so talented! This looks amazing!


I love the chenille blankets you are making. They are so beautiful and soft and modern looking. I think I will have to make one for my next project! Your tutorial was great! And I am so glad that you're blogging again!!!


So beautiful, I love it!

The Thompsons

I love the pink and green combo.


Oh my goodness that is the cutest blanket ever! We definitely need a craft day next time you're in town :-)

Washington Hills

GORGEOUS. I really don't know how you sew. I can't seem to wrap my head around that.

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