Our New House and the Thief

This is another post that I wrote last year and never got around to posting... but it's definitely something I'd like to remember ;) (Dani, remember this??? just have to laugh)

 As most of you know, we just bought our first home!!!!! We are over the moon excited and can't wait to settle in. Today was Closing day, so I had to drive from Columbus to Indianapolis and back. I packed the car full of our art work, lamps and other things that I didn't want to send in the moving truck. I left about 15 mins later than I wanted to (of course :p ) and was stressed and rushed. After I finally calmed down and had been on the road for about 30 mins I was struck with the thought that I needed to check my purse just to make sure my wallet was there. It was the one thing I actually needed for the closing, so maybe I should make sure I have it? I almost didn't, since I had purposefully and memorably checked that it was there just before bed. I started rummaging through my purse but I couldn't feel my wallet anywhere. I thought, "I'll just call Dani (my sister came out to help, BLESS HER!) and ask her if she can see it anywhere in the house, just in case " She looked all around and asked Daniel if he had seen it. "Nope". I figure if it's not somewhere easily seen it must be lurking in the depths of my purse or car so I pull over at a gas station to search. With each moment that passes I get a little more anxious until my sister calls. I can tell she's not too thrilled with what she has to tell me.
Dani:     "Daniel is so dead."
Me:       "Uh-oh, what did he do?"
Dani:     "He hid it."
Me:       "What??? You're kidding right?"
Dani:     "Daniel, go get it........ yep, here it is. He hid it."
Me:        "What in the heck was he thinking??" (as I'm starting to tear up)
Dani:      "He thought he was being funny.... I guess"
Me:         ":Sigh: Put him on the phone."
Daniel:    "giggle giggle, Hi Mommy! giggle giggle giggle I've got your pink purse! giggle giggle I hid          it, I hid it Mommy, somewhere you'd never find it!"
Me:        "Why in the world did you hide my wallet?!?!"
Daniel:     "I was just being funny Mommy. It's pretty funny, huh? That was a good joke!"
  (I'm sure you can imagine the rest of the conversation.... just insert a few empty threats and a lot more giggles and you get the gist. ;)

So I turned around and drove as quickly as possible (well as quickly as I could without getting a ticket, that would have been bad news in the mental state I was in). When I got to the apartment Daniel sheepishly brought out my wallet and I was off.... again. When I FINALLY arrived (after driving for hours and getting lost in Indianapolis) I was 40 mins late to our closing and there were 6 (!) people waiting for me. (I didn't realize there would be that many people!) When I explained we all had a good chuckle and they were all super nice about it. We signed and signed and signed and after about 20 mins we were home owners! Bryan had to zip off to work so we didn't really get to celebrate, but we were so excited! I drove over to the house with my new set of keys, unloaded the van and just sat for a minute, reveling in our new home!



Man, it is good you are so patient. I don't know what I would have done.


Lara, there is a reason that I didn't include the whole conversation ;) If I remember right tears (on my part) were involved, lol.

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