We have a first grader! I seriously can't believe it. School started last week and we were all a bit apprehensive about how it would go. 
 I was worried that he would have a hard time since he didn't know anyone, but he's fitting in like a champ. He was dead set on wearing all black. He wanted to look like a Ninja. I talked him down to just his shirt. ;)
 It's a 35 min bus ride each way (which is actually pretty good, considering how far away it is) and he's now lobbying for a Nintendo DS since "everybody else on the bus has one Mom!". We'll see. I don't know how that would work out.....maybe I could let him earn it?
On the first day I drove him (mostly so that we could stop and buy tennis shoes on the way, this kid grows like a weed!).  Daniel was excited, but I think it was a bit too early for Sam. lol.
Every day when he comes home I ask how his day was and he says, "great!" I'm so happy this school seems to be working out so far. One thing I really appreciate is that they use a lot of positive reinforcement, which every 1st grader needs! Last year we had some issues and he got so discouraged. We're crossing our fingers and toes that this year is a good one!


All Yappers

Sam is SO BIG!! I'm so glad that he's having such a positive experience.


Yes, Sam is HUGE! I'm already having to put him in 3T. But they sure are cute, aren't they?


YAY! Wow Daniel is in 1st grade! Crazy! So good to see pictures of you guys-Sam is getting so big! Love his expression-hilarious :)


I sure love your boys! I'm excited that Daniel is 1st grade and that it looks like it's going to be a good year. Having Jane and Maren in school has been heaven for me :) and they LOVE it too!

The Lassen Family

sam's face made me laugh out loud!!!Missing you guys!
glad daniel likes it!!!

Washington Hills

Congrats! I love school. My kids come home happy, worked their minds & bodies. Love it.

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