Father's Day

 I've just been informed that neither my Mother or my Mother in law check Facebook, so I need to start updating here a little more often I guess. ;)  Anyways, here are my little boys with their Daddy.

I made them matching ties again this year and I think they look mighty dapper. ;)
Things here are good. Very crazy, but very good. We move this week, so you can only imagine the level of insanity in my home right now! I'm excited to post about my many projects as soon as life settle down a bit. 



Adam said that Bryan's going Richard Kimball beardy look from "The Fugitive."


We'll take a Harrison Ford comparison any day. ;) Has Adam ever grown his 'stache again? Now THAT was impressive!


Happy Father's Day! Love the tie & bow ties.

When are we going to get to see pics of your new house?


They're comin' I promise! I just have to get out of this house first! (It's amazing how much stuff we have!)


Jessie, I do have some uploaded on the flickr account if you want a peak before I'm able to post them here... just fyi. Have fun with Carol this week!

J and M

I can't even believe how much Sammy's eyes and nose look like his daddy's! Some things are meant to be!!!!

Such cute fellers.


Brad says that he's jealous of Bryan's beard.

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