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I promised I'd share a link and a tutorial about my boys' ties, so here it is! While what I did wasn't the cheapest way, it was definitely the fastest and easiest. If you've got more time (and patience!!) here are some good tutorials to sew your own ties: purl bee:little boys tie, purl bee: Father's day tie, necktie ages 4-7. Since I decided to do this project the day before Father's Day, I had to do what was quick.
 I used the tutorial on this site: seilifestyle  , with some adjustments, for Sam's (the baby's) tie. I left the back tail of the tie longer and didn't stitch it into the knot. This made it so that I could slip it out of the knot and wrap it around his neck instead of trying to shimmy over his head each time. Once it's around his neck I just tuck it back through. The elastic ensures that when he tugs on it, it doesn't come undone. I hope that makes sense?
For Daniel's tie I kind of winged it. I took what was left over from making Sam's tie and went to town. I used the SEI tutorial as the basis, especially for how it gets tied and refitted with elastic. I wanted the tie to fit my 5 yr old (who's a bit tall for his age... so think 6 or 7 year old size) and the large end of the tie was too big, but the small end of the tie was too small, so I decided to alter the size of the large end (what was left over from making the baby's tie).
The first thing I did was to open the tie by snipping and pulling out the thread that was holding it closed on the back. (isn't that a snazzy ironing board? I'm trying to make due with it until we move...although I'm considering making a new cover for it anyways. Just pretend you can't see it :)
Then I pulled out the stiff inner lining (this is what gives the tie it's shape) 
Because I was in such a hurry and Daniel was already asleep so I couldn't measure him, I took one of his ties that already fits him well and traced the width from bottom to top.
Trim along the lines and insert it back under the outer lining of the tie.
Pin it in place using an all metal pin. (all of this fabric is super slippery!)
Fold the sides of the tie back up snuggly against the stiff lining and iron it in place. Remove the pins. (don't forget!)
Once you're happy with how it's ironed into place take a needle and thread and secure it using a hidden stitch. 

Follow the rest of the tutorial in the link to finish the elastic around the neck and you're done!


Team Jensen

LOVE it! Though I did follow the links you provided since I was super confused..but now I"m good. The links made everything make sense. Whew! I better go back to my sunday afternoon nap!

Washington Hills

AMAZING. I don't know if I'll ever be brave to try it, but I love it!

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