Father's Day

For part of Bryan's Father's Day I made ties for the boys. Daniel is always trying to be like his Daddy, so I thought I would make it a bit easier for him. ;) I love my cute boys.



Suzanne, well done! You're one talented woman!


aw, that's so cute. The ties look awesome

The Lassen Family

so cute!!!!


Happy Father's Day to all your boys :)

Team Jensen

Are you kidding me!?! You MADE those ties!!! I want to know how! I have the HARDEST time finding ties for Isaac (he's 2). Pretty please...


They look AWESOME, btw.


Thanks guys! I sure love my little boys in ties! Lisa, they were super easy. I'll post a link and maybe do a tutorial for you. :) glad you liked them!

Washington Hills

How in the world do you make a tie?!?! LOVE the picture. Love that you have your boys, Swooze. You're so great!

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