Playing catch up. I have had such a hard time getting anything up on this blog! I have been through a billion hard drives and I swear the Geek Squad knows me by name. (not a good thing!) I'll never again buy a brand of computer I've never heard of, no matter how nice it is. Anyways, on to life! We've done a lot of traveling this summer (again) and have done a ton of fun things. One of the milestones we passed was Daniel lost his first teeth! The two bottom front teeth. Each time the tooth fairy brought him a crisp, brand new dollar bill. After the first tooth fairy visit Daniel crawled into my bed in the morning crying and angry. I said, "what's the matter honey?" "The tooth fairy took my tooth and didn't leave me anything! She just stole my tooth!" I told him to go back into his bedroom and look around a bit, that I was sure the tooth fairy would never steal. ;) I heard him whoop in joy and he ran in to show me his loot. Then he got thoughtful and quiet, I asked what was wrong again.... " But Mommy! I really really wanted a 3 dollar bill!"
What made it even more fun was that Sam had just gotten his first two teeth, the same ones Daniel lost. He had a lot of fun pretending that Sammy had taken his teeth. We were VERY happy when Sam's teeth finally broke through. He is a very mellow, calm baby, except when those first teeth came in! Boy did we hear it! I've never seen a baby scream like that! As of now he's gotten 8 teeth in the last 3 months! (the last 4 have been SO much easier, thank goodness!)


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