Okay friends, I have an extra coupon that needs a home. I'll give it to the first person who promises to use it! It's $45 off of a $100 dollar purchase and has to be used by tomorrow night. Any takers?



ooo...ME ME ME!!!! I need cute clothes for Seattle and I'm poor and you love me and are related to me so you have to let me have it! :D I make so much sense!


LOL, um Megan, I think you want it? Happy shopping! (plus you could torture me for eternity if I don't give it to you...)

J and M

Hey Suzanne,
Check out the You Tube clip on our blog. It's Nathan Pacheco.....he is traveling the world and singing with Yanni. He sounds great. Maybe you already know this, but Jon and I thought it was so interesting.

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