29 things you never wanted to know about me for my 29th birthday.

1. Once you're my friend, you're my friend for life. I'm very loyal to my friends and would do almost anything for them.
2. I have no sense of smell. Haven't my whole life.
3. I'm a bone marrow donor
4. I honestly never thought I'd get married or have kids. I just thought I'd go sing opera somewhere and be a favorite aunt. (I'm soooo glad I was wrong!)
5. I can NOT handle stickers! yuck yuck yuck! ::::shiver:::: they give me the heebee jeebies (or as Michael Scott would say "Blech!")
6. I'm a jack of all trades and master of none. I love to figure out how to do lots of different things, but am often off to the next before I've become a master at anything.
7. I have had a life long love/hate relationship with my hair. Mostly hate, but I have had occasional days of glorious hair and they make up for the rest.
8. I am number 6 of 8 kids, and number 4 of 5 sisters in a row. (thus the little middle sister... like my etsy shop says ;)(Here I am, sweet little number 6, with no idea of the chaos that numbers 7 and 8 would bring into my life. ;)
9. I LOVE to travel. I haven't gotten to do much of it in my life (until recent years) but absolutely adore it. 10. I HAVE to sleep with one foot sticking out of the covers. (Courtesy of a college roommate who got a kick out of it... yep, I have no pride)
11. I'm a real "poser" when I was about 5 I started giving what I thought were awesome poses in all my pictures. My sisters say that I still do.....nice.12. I'm allergic to needles. .... okay, so it's all in my mind, but really, I'm allergic to them.
(won't even put a picture here for fear that I'll start convulsing) And sadly I have had to deal with more than my share (see #3) and now with all of the fertility stuff we've had to go through. Someone needs to come up with a better way to take blood and fast.
13. I have a real weakness for anything related to interior design, books, magazines, shopping, paint swatches, etc.
14. I drove a 1977 Mustard Yellow Volvo all throughout high school. (mine didn't look nearly this nice)15. When I was 16 I played Marian the Librarian in a college/city production of the Music Man where I had to kiss a 55 year old gay man in front of my bishop and stake president. (oh yeah, and I had to pretend I liked it..... fun)
16. I was the drum major of my high school marching band.
17. I had 18 pets by the time I was 14. I was convinced I would be a veterinarian when I grew up. (see #6)
18. One of the best compliments I ever received was from Dr. Staheli. He said: "She creates beauty wherever she goes." I don't know if it's true, but I like that someone thought that of me. :)
This is getting hard......
19. I am a total night owl. I consider getting to bed by midnight a real accomplishment. ( I will be forever trying to change this about myself)
20. I like to talk. A lot. If you ever need to chat and want someone to talk to, give me a call.
21. I used to play the French Horn (8years) and the Tuba (2 years). I can't play the piano to save my life.(okay, I can play well enough to teach voice lessons, but never well enough to accompany)
I miss my horn most of all.
22. I want lots of children and am frustrated that our son is still an only child. (note, I think lots of children is like... 5 or 6, just so we're clear)
23. I tend to put things off forever. Doctors visits, hair cuts, maintenance jobs, etc. I have to think things thoroughly out before I can move forward with them. (this really annoys me)
24. I can sometimes be very, very shy. (like, sometimes I'll make Bryan pay for the groceries, or call people, etc. I'm getting better with age, but it still strikes sometimes)
25. I'm not a big fan of dressing up in costume. Maybe I've just had my fair share on stage?
26. I like to work with my hands, I think in my other life I was a sculptor.
27. I love my boys more than life it self.
28. I spent my childhood being driven around in a huge baby blue van filled with airplane seats.
I was that cool.
29. I'm one year away from 30! (which kind of scares me...)


The Moore Family

Happy Birthday Suz! Love your buns and loved your 29. I also got to witness the special kiss - I'm pretty sure you enjoyed every minute of it.


You are so wonderful! Happy Birthday!


ha ha! This is EXACTLY what I had in mind! I loved the childhood pics the most, I think. Why did your van have airplane seats? Cool! And you know what? I also have to have my feet sticking out of the covers! I always untuck the sheets first thing in a hotel. :)

and ps. I LOVE your hair in that costume pic--the one where you are wearing a floral shirt-- you look absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Dr. Staheli was definitely right!


You are one of my favorite people! Happy Birthday dear friend!

The Lassen Family

Happy birthday!! I really meant to call yesterday..........it's the thought that counts?
Thank you (forever) for #3...
I love the pic of the van and too bad we dont' have one of the volvo.....somewhere?

Holley Pack

Happy Belated Birthday! What a great post! I remember that big blue van. Hope you had a wonderful day and I wish you many more happy birthdays.


Hope your birthday was fabulous. I loved reading this list and reminding myself of why you always have been such an amazing person.


Wow I LOVED reading this post! It's always fun to read new things about people! :) And for the record - I completely agree with Dr. Staheli, I love your hair, would LOVE to hear you sing, and think you should have added "I am an amazing photographer" to the list! Happy Birthday!!


What a fun read! Happy Birthday! I remember #15. :) And who was your drum major partner? I don't remember.

Tyler and Sunni

I love it! Happy Birthday. And by the way, I love your hair

Washington Hills

Oh, I will forever remember you kissing that gay man. Jamie and I felt SO BAD for you! (And you were fabulous, by the way!)


love it, love it, love, it. I have to disagree with your hair, it is great short, long, frizzy, straight, styled, unstyled, you have amazing hair. We will celebrate 29 when you are hear!!

love you.


This was very fun to read! I hope you had a great day!!

Alex + Anna Winn

That van is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! YA! Happy Birthday again...OH and what about the ear thing? I love your hair.


I knew a lot of those things, but not the foot thing. That's funny. And the airplane seats.

John-David and Kathryn

Happy Birthday Suzanne. We share the same birthday month. How fun. Hey. I just realized that we will be gone by the time you get back. Best of luck with everything. Endure 3rd year because 4th year is much better. It would have been fun to do more. Take care


I love getting to knwo you better! After all this time I knew so little about you; only that you have beautiful hair and a beautiful voice, a beautiful son and a beautiful talent for photography and... and ... and .... I could go on with a lot of things. I guess I knew more about you than I thought I did!
Hope to see you soon

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