Ever since I was a little girl May Day has been one of my favorite holidays. I always loved making my own little baskets and filling them with flowers to leave on my neighbors porches. I no longer have an unending supply of flowers from my father's garden and don't think many people would appreciate "Baskets" made out of construction paper by an adult. Still, I wish I could send some flowers to all my friends to brighten their day and assure them that spring is here to stay. So until I have my garden, this will have to do. :) Happy May Day!



Those are beautiful flowers...did you take those pictures? And I wouldn't mind a basket made out of construction paper...I think my favorite Valentine was made out of construction paper. It a little heart basket...awww.

Washington Hills

I never thought about that with May Day. What a good idea!

J and M

I would love a basket of construction paper. We used to do that as well and run away after ringing our friend's door bells.

Say, can you tell me how to arrange a blog like this with a long skinny picture at the top? Jon and I are trying to figure it out.


Marni - I would love to help you out. I just have to remember how I did it first! I'm headed out the door now, but I'll try and figure it out tonight!

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