Our Experiments....
Daniel has been pretty obsessed with the color green for the last few months, so I thought maybe we should try and use that to our advantage. I saved some IBC bottles (Cream Soda for those inquiring minds) and drug out the food coloring. We sang the "Primary Colors" song while we made Red, Yellow and Blue bottles of water. Daniel thought it was pretty neat, but nothing too exciting. Then to the constant questioning of an incessant 4 year old, I proceeded to "ruin" the colors. I started mixing them. (gasp) He was concerned until he saw the end result: his beautiful, beloved green. Seriously, he could not contain his joyful giggles when he figured it out. We spent the rest of the afternoon experimenting with different ways to make different colors.... this was obviously his favorite....followed closely by "aqua-ma-green"The rest of the evening was spent trying to convince Daniel that he really didn't want to drink the green water. (I know it wouldn't have been a big deal, but I didn't want to have to deal with the dye!)

This is what a rainy day, a four year old and a brain fried mother gets you. ;)

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