Daniel was SO excited to come home from preschool and see that he had just barely missed a leprechaun! His door had shown up by magic and he had left a trail for Daniel to find some St. Patrick's Day treats.
Daniel asked and asked if he could look in the Leprechaun's house, but we kept reminding him that if he touched the door that all the magic would disappear and the Leprechaun would be gone. Daniel whispered all day, so as not to wake him. The Leprechaun left Daniel all sorts of green goodies. The limes were for his green soda.Daniel has really be wanting green flowers, so we made some today out of tissue paper.St. Patrick's day proved a bit overwhelming for him, he was out by 6:30!



holy cow, you're Amazing! I loved all the green details, especially the leprechaun door and the green trunk. so fun! and i have to say, i've seen lots of very ugly tissue paper flowers before... but rarely (if ever!) any that i think are cute. yours are marvelous!


This is SO cute! What a creative idea.

The Lassen Family

Wow, you are quite the overachiever, aren't you? Good thing my kids won't see this post. You would make me look Really bad! Very cute by the way :)

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