I finally did it, I finally joined the ranks.
I have now seen Twilight.
And I loved it.

I was very weary about watching this movie, as I didn't want it to ruin the books for me, since that's what happened when I saw "Eragon" (worst movie ever). I was, and still am, pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the two leads, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Everyone else was pretty good as well. However, there was something that bugged me that I couldn't quite put my finger on...... I thought and thought and thought.... until I finally figured it out! (small triumphs are what my life is about :) It was the HAIR! Now, I don't really have room to speak, as my bushy mane desperately needs a good chopping. (It's been well over 18 months since my last cut, eeeek! Now that I've publicly admitted that I HAVE to take care of it! I had great hair in College, those were the good ol' days.... sigh) Anyways, back to my nit-picking. Here's one person's hair who REALLY bugged me.... Rosalie. (Nikki Reed) Here she is in her blond perfection....

anyone else see some scary roots here? It totally ruined the illusion for me, it went back and forth through the movie and all I could think about was how much better she must look brunette....

This is what she usually looks like, I'm actually pretty impressed with the makeup job they did on her to make her skin so much lighter. I kind of wish they'd just left her brunette, isn't she gorgeous?

Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) also kind of creeped me out.... again, I think it's the hair and makeup combination... I'm really hoping that with the new big budget they can pull in some fabulous hair and makeup people, please, please, please!

I think Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) was the kicker for me though. That's his real hair people. That's what my hair would look like if I ever cut it short... I'm saving the world from that sight. I'm sure the moist air in the beautiful Pacific Northwest made it frizzy (that humidity made my awkward years just that awkward...no way to tame the beast that is my hair)

I even really started to question their casting decisions until I saw a normal pic of him, much more Jaspery, no?

Alice's (Ashley Greene) hair was okay in some scenes and REALLY bugged in others, the baseball scene was the worst I think....

I mean isn't she gorgeous????? That haircut does nothing for her face..... it just made me sad.

LOL, now that I've read through it, I guess it only bugged me so much because I spend so much time battling hair myself! Regardless of their hair-raising (heh heh) decision in the salon, I still really liked this movie and can't wait for the next one to come out! Maybe I'll even spend the big bucks and see it in the theater! ;)



That was a very good post. Those are some of the things that bugged me too but I hadn't figured out either. I hope they let Jasper look a little more like himself in the next one. We just bought the 2-disc special edition of Twilight from Costco...lots of fun special features. One thing that makes me happy is that since I was able to get Brad to start the first book he liked it finished it and liked the movie. He doesn't think he would have enjoyed the movie if he hadn't read the book. I'm really optimistic that with a bigger budget, New Moon will be better than the first.


yeah, that's why I don't really want Bryan to see it until he's read it. (which might not happen for another 10 years.... oh well) We'll definitely have to watch both discs when I'm there this summer! :)

J and M

Good HEavens! I just saw the first half hour of the movie and was also struck by how gaggy Rosalie and Carlisle look. I can't believe that she is that beautiful in real life (that's what I pictured Rosalie looking like), unfortunately they took that away and they both looked haggard and pastey. I could have been one of them! Zow.


very insightful Suz. And I would have to agree with you on every account. Especially Rosalie. Thanks.

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