December 2008 Part 3:
We spent Christmas Day in the Condo. The kids were all so excited over what Santa brought them. I loved that they were all just as excited over what Santa brought the other kids too. :)

Daniel got the "Walking, Talking Lightening McQueen." He started informing me in October that that's what Santa was bringing.

We had to leave the day after Christmas to go back to Utah. Bryan, Daniel, Tim and I all took a short walk to soak up all of the last rays of sun we could. It was a beautiful morning.

It was such a wonderful, beautiful trip. Thanks SOOOO much Dan and Carol!

On our way home Daniel FINALLY tried his first burger! And it was at In N Out no less. He loved it.

When we pulled into Provo this was the sight that awaited us. Feet of snow. I guess we got the best of both worlds, right?

We got to spend some time with my side of the family when my sister Nicole came into town with her husband and kids. Shannon had us all over to her house so we could all hang out.

We spent a day sledding on the "hills" (really a mountain) by Shannon and Erik's house. Daniel grabbed a sled and ran for the big scary hill. (I don't think the grown men even wanted to try that one) We quickly redirected him for the much smaller hills farther over.

His little cousin Zoe couldn't decide if she liked the snow or not.... once she discovered the joys of snowballs she was all for it.

Daniel had been wanting to make a snow angel for months and we kept having to remind him that you needed snow for a snow angel. :) So glad he remembered to do one while we were out.... and in snow.

Daniel too discovered the joy of a good snowball fight. Once he figured it out, he just could not stop.

He and Zoe soon realized they both wanted the same thing, so they had their own little snowball fight.....

LOL, talk about space invaders!! They stood this close the whole time... too cute.

No one received his mercy, but once you saw the look of sheer joy on his face, who could stop him?

Some of us built a snowman....

I love this shot, it totally shows their personalities. Daniel is a tease and Zoe is all girl.

One last time down the hill before we go and see Bolt. (which was pretty good, not one I have to own, but I'd watch it again.)

We went over to Temple Square to see the lights. We got there a little early, so we headed over to the Church History Museum. They now have a kids section where the little ones can play and touch everything. Genius.

The Nativity was beautiful as always. I don't know why they face it the other direction now, I really liked that you could see the Christus right above the whole scene.

This picture is specifically for Nicole. This is what it looked like from the other side. (remember???)

Can you tell that Zoe is done for the day? Shannon carried her for the last bit, I don't think she would have made it otherwise.



Suzanne - Hey! How do you take such awesome pictures at night with all those Christmas lights and the temple lights?! The last time I tried to do that was in 2005 - I didn't have an nice a camera then, but still - every picture turned out yucky. I love all of yours though - especially the one of your family in front of the temple with the temple all lit up. Beautiful!


you're so sweet. Two things that really help with the night time shots are, turning it to no flash and having a steady hand. If I had it my way I would have used a tripod, but some of them turned out well anyways. Hope that helps!


I loved the snowball fight and the amazing temple square pictures - so gorgeously photographed. What a gift you have

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