Spring is really, truly here! I felt like this winter was extra extra long. I think I've figured it out. This was my first winter in Ohio and I wasn't prepared for it. I had been told how cold it gets and how crazy the weather can be. (both of which were proved true) But no one prepared me for how ugly it would be! Don't get me wrong, I think Ohio is usually beautiful. I think the problem is that I grew up in the northwest where during the winter we had evergreens, and that I've spent the last decade in Utah surrounded by mountains. Ohio has neither. In the winter it's just tree bark and yellow grass. Now that spring has sprung I'm remembering why I thought Ohio was so beautiful before. It is so green!

Last week Daniel and I had a date day. Bryan was studying for a test (which he rocked by the way!) and we were trying to get out of his hair. I had heard that one of the best flower shows in the nation was going on in Cincinnati, so we drove on over. I LOVED getting to walk around and look at all of the flowers, it was absolutely beautiful! I am somewhat of a nut for flowers, so I was totally in my element.
Basically, it was Daniel and I and a bunch of old people walking around. There were all sorts of booths with art and decorations and of course flowers. I so wanted to buy many of the bulbs and cut flowers.

One of the booths we stopped by was selling antique stamp blocks from a textile factory. I picked one up and Daniel had a blast playing with the store owner. (such a welcome distraction for him!)

They had a tent full of "dramatic table settings," they were incredible.

I thought this one was so fun and original. It would be perfect for a summer party...

a closer look at the scoops of ice cream, so cool.



Wow, that is amazing! It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here! :o) Snow today. But the Temple Square flowers are sturdy, little, devils!

The Ohio Leavitt's

That looks so cool. What a fun date.

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