I'm an Aunt! (for the 20th time, but it's still just as exciting as the 1st time) Congrats Lara and Adam! We can't wait to see a picture. (hint, hint!) And find out what her name is! (details!) I thought about you when I read my reader's digest today, they had a little blurb that went like this:

"You can't blame the woman for being upset. After all, she was delivering her baby in our hospital elevator. "This is nothing," said a fellow nurse, trying to console the new mother. "Last year a friend of mine helped a woman deliver a baby on the front lawn of the hospital." The patient began to wail, "That was me!"
- Stephanie Niederberger

So while your epidural might not have worked at least you were IN the hospital! Really we're so glad that you and the baby are happy and healthy. (and can't wait to get our hands on her so that we can spoil her rotten!)

I have so much I want to blog about, but I always forget while I'm in the middle of writing. Our biggest accomplishment this past week has been finishing our interviews and home safety visits for adoption. I've been working on profiles that will go online once we're approved and trying to figure out how to get the word out in the least invasive/obnoxious way possible. We just have to get Bryan's Dr.'s signature (standard, nothing wrong with him!) and finish our training and then we'll be done!!! This whole home study process is so overwhelming and I'm just happy to be at the end of it rather than the beginning!
Daniel has really been surprising us lately with his vocabulary. The has started using words like "actually," and "of course." It's pretty crazy that he learns so quickly and models us so closely. There's nothing like seeing your traits in your child, that makes you want to behave well. We had friends over for dinner the other night and we kept talking to Daniel about sharing with the baby (a 9 mth old). We were all seated, eating dinner, when we heard this strange fizzing sound. Daniel came running to Bryan and said, "Daddy, McCade is having a sip of my pop!" Daniel had given the baby his bottle of IBC Root beer. It was pretty cute. (and what's even better is that it completely came out of the carpet!) He is also very excited to get a "little brother or sister." He keeps saying "Mom, go get in the car and get me a little brother or sister!" I asked him the other day if he wanted a brother or a sister, he said " I want a brother and a sister..... Mommy when we get a baby we get both. I want both." I personally think that's a bit of a tall order, but we'll see.
I had a (very) minor surgery last Thursday. It went really well. I'm embarrassed to say that the worst part was when they drew my blood. I felt the world spinning, got really hot and thought I was going to be sick. The nurses were kind of surprised at how awful I looked and had me lay down with a wet wash cloth on my face. I'm a wuss, I know. I bet you're all wondering how in the heck I was able to give birth or be my sister's donor. The only thing I can say is that desperate times call for desperate measures! Anyways, when they put me under they gave me some anti-nausea meds and let me just say that they were heavenly!!!! The worst part of anesthesia has always been the day after, when I'm sick to my stomach. The medicine completely solved that problem and it was soooo nice. I highly recommend it for anyone who's "going under."
I've finally been able to talk to my parents this week. They are really enjoying their time in New Zealand. They live 2 blocks from the beach and get to take walks on it in the evening. I'm very jealous. I just keep thinking of all the incredible places they get to see. I really wish we could go, but we're putting our money towards a more eternal goal. ;) (adoptions aren't cheap!)


The Lassen Family

you have 20 nieces and nephews? wow, maybe I should start counting....

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