Right now I'm focusing on the fact that spring is only a couple of months away, even though it is a wintry mess outside my window. A couple of weeks ago I installed a weather program on my computer. It flashes when there are weather warnings. It hasn't stopped flashing since I installed it. We've had flood, wind, snow and freezing rain warnings. Almost every school in Columbus is closed, except of course OSU, they have to go in regardless of the weather. I think it has something to do with the fact that the doctors have to be there anyways, so they figure they can make the students brave the weather too. Bryan has one meeting on campus today and I'm really worried he's going to get in a wreck! (freezing rain + the freeway+people who don't know how to drive= scary, scary drive to school!)
So like I said, I'm trying to focus on spring by finding lots of color to surround myself with. I want to recreate this:
Isn't it gorgeous? If only flowers weren't so expensive! That's one thing I really miss from my younger years. My father and his father both have the greenest of green thumbs and I always had plenty of flowers to make arrangements with. I'd go out in the yard and cut a bunch of Roses (I think at one time we had something like 60 rose bushes) and make an arrangement for the house. My favorite flowers though are the spring flowers that are soft and luscious. Anyways, I digress... I'm also loving playing with this. Lots of color, anyone else have any great links for spring pick-me-ups?
I'm slowly making my way through my pics from the last couple of months, I've been sorely neglecting my photos and haven't gotten to practice my photography since I left Utah! Here are a couple of fun pictures from our lives lately.
This is one of Daniel's Christmas presents. His Aunt Shannon and Uncle Erik gave it to him and he has been very excited to get Shrek out. Unfortunately, Shrek is suffering from male-pattern baldness.

Maybe that's why they kept him bald in the movies??

I've been playing around a ton with salt dough. If' you're on a tight budget and want to get creative salt dough is one of the cheapest ways to make holiday decorations. I saw these balls around everywhere for about $20. I think they are supposed to resemble the mistletoe balls that are sold at Christmas time. Anyways, I spent sometime and had some fun making this and a garland. (I'll take some pics when I take it down...)A little more than a month ago we went to a Medical School activity for families. Bryan was trying to teach Daniel how to ice skate, he wasn't too happy about it. He kept grabbing onto Bryan and pulling his feet up off the ice. It was pretty funny to watch Bryan skate around with a three year old hanging by his arms and swinging in the air.

I have lots more to post about and will try to get it done tomorrow! In the meantime, I'm in desperate need of a killer chili recipe for a ward chili cook off. ANYONE??????? (please, please, please!!!!)



Hey, I totally won my ward chili cook-off with last year with the WW mexican crockpot chicken that Shandy posted on SG. It is the easiest thing in the world to make!

I am now trying to figure out where on earth my pics of gma and gpa W like that one are!!! so annoying!


I love that salt dough creation! Did you just color it with food coloring or did you actually paint each, little ball? Give me your secrets!


Nicole, thanks for the tip, I'm totally going to go find that recipe! I never would have thought of checking scrap gal for recipes! I might have some digital copies of those pictures if you need them...


AC, you make me laugh! I did a lot of experimenting, but finally figured it out. I mixed paint into the dough as I was making it. Usually I'd paint it after it was dry, but it's had to paint little balls and do a good job of it!


Well, it looks amazing!


I have a great one that my family uses all the time. It's supposed to be the Wendy's Chili recipe, but I think it tastes way better. Here's the link http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/15/Wendys-Chili86607.shtml
We changed a few things - I use frozen onion, and two cans of diced tomatoes instead of fresh. Also, 1 tsp of Cumin and 1 Tbl of Chili powder - the way they have it was WAY too hot for us. You can also mix and match beans - I always put a can of black beans in it too. Try it-we think it's great and it freezes well. Good luck!

The Ohio Leavitt's

Suzanne, I went and got Mckade's pictures the other day, and it was a disaster. We had to wait forever, and then Mckade was too tired and hungry to cooperate for more then one outfit. So I wanted to know if you want to take his pictures when he turns one. I would love to hire you. I trust your skills. You are amazing.

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