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Dear Friends and Family,
We hope this letter finds you happy and well. Things here in Ohio are great. Bryan is enjoying school and we’re all making new friends. We love the scenery and all of the sites to see.
We wanted to let you know that we have made the decision to expand our family through adoption. It has been a decision long in coming, and now that we have begun the process, we are ecstatic.
Now as we are waiting for our future child, we request your prayers and assistance. Since our chances of adopting increase with exposure, we would ask that you keep us in mind as you make contacts and meet new people. If you become aware of a birth mother who is looking to place her child for adoption, we would appreciate help in recommending us to the birth mother. If she would like more information about us she can find us at http://www.bryanandsuzanneadopt.blogspot.com/ . If she is willing to consider us as adoptive parents, please email us at bryanandsuzanneadopt@gmail.com . We will be working through LDS Family Services as they offer fantastic pre- and post placement support for both the adoptive parents and the birthmother. Once all of the pre-placement procedures are complete, (meaning we’re legally ready to accept a child) we’ll send out our caseworker’s information and how to reach them.
Thank you in advance for your help as well as your support and prayers. We are so grateful for the love and care that each of you give and really appreciate any help you provide for our family.
Much love,
Bryan, Suzanne and Daniel

***Please note that my sister, Dani, is also looking to adopt.
Her information can be found on our website listed above.



So exciting guys! I'll definitely keep my ears open and keep you in my prayers!

Kendall Watkins

I hope everything goes well. If I hear of anything I will let you know.

Jones Family

I'm so excited for you!
Like the above comments; if I hear of anything I'll pass along your info!
Best of luck, and lots of love!!

ryan and heather

We are so excited for you guys, and will definitely keep you in our thoughts and prayers! We will keep our ears open!

The Ohio Leavitt's

That's exciting. I will be thinking and praying for you. We should get together soon.


How exciting! Dean's niece just adopted a little girl and it was a beautiful experience. We will keep you in our prayers and will keep our ears open. Our best to you and your little family.. Can't wait to see you again.

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