Happy Valentine's Day!
Daniel wanted to share his Valentine with everybody.

Valentine's Day around the house...
I made this for dinner...
recipe http://thepioneerwomancooks.com

And this for dessert. So good!

We had a great Valentine's Day, hope you did too!


The Ohio Leavitt's

Looks like fun. I was so happy to see you at the prom. I hope you had a good time.

The Lassen Family

k--your apothecary cabinet is stinking cute!!!! Once again, that picture looks like it should be in a magazine--I am jealous :) What is the name of the dinner you made from PW? looks good--so does the icecream cake---but guess who would have to eat it all at my house, or at least half of it and that can't happen :(


I call the recipe "Shrimp penne in a creamy tomato sauce" She didn't really name it I don't think, but it's like 12 or 13 pages back in her "older posts". You'll notice I made a SMALL ice cream cake! (but still had to help with half of it! :(


k, I just checked, she called it "Penne a la Betsy" she posted it on sept. 27, 2007. (sorry, for some reason I couldn't link to it)

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