well, a lot of stuff has happened since I updated last, but I'll spare us all an extremely long post and just share this last weekend. Bryan's parents came for a visit, which made us all SO happy. It was great to see them and Daniel loved getting to play with them again. He was too excited to sleep much while they were here and has been making up for it since they left. (the other night he slept from 6 pm until 9 am straight!) We got up late on Saturday and went to COSI a children's science museum. The Bob the Builder exhibit was opening that day, so I was a bit nervous about crowds, but it wasn't bad at all. Daniel was in heaven. He just ran from one thing to the next. as soon as I got to him and had my camera ready he was off again. He also got to meet Bob the builder!

I thought it was too cute when he got his tool belt and hat on and then grabbed the tool box. He went straight over to Bob to give it to him.

They had all of the trucks there for the kids to play in. Daniel didn't even notice we were there, he was so busy. If you're in the area, I highly suggest it for little kids. (I saw some girls there too) I know that we'll be going back very soon.

After visiting with Bob, we went to German Village. It's a small section of town that has been preserved renovated and is thick in German Heritage. We ate at Schmidts Sausage Hause, which has incredible food. I think I could eat there everyday it's so good. Then we went for a short walk through Schiller park (named after the Poet until WWII, then changed to Washington Park, then back to Schiller more recently) and let Daniel run around a bit. We wanted to attend Oktoberfest to check out all of the arts booths, but couldn't find it. So instead we went to the Prime Outlets in Jeffersonville, about 40 mins away. It was nice to have a look, but they were a bit too crowded for my taste. I like to have them all to myself! On Sunday we got up really early to attend my in-laws old ward in Washington, PA. The drive was beautiful (what I was awake for anyways). The people I met were sooo nice. It was fun to hear some of the stories from Bryan's childhood. On our way out of church Daniel found his first Caterpillar. He tried to convince it not to be scared of us.

Afterwards we went to downtown Pittsburgh just to have a look around. I'm definitely going to have to go back sometime with my camera and get some shots, it was a great place to look around. We found a little place to eat and got a sandwich. All of the sandwiches came with fries in them, which I guess is quite common in Pittsburgh. I couldn't figure out how in the heck to get it into my mouth, it was so big. It also had a ton of sauerkraut in it, it was so good!

We also parked by the PPG (Pittsburgh Paint and Glass) building, which is incredible! It's a complex of about 4 buildings made completely of glass.

more to follow...


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