Daniel and I drove out to Circle S Farms last week with a group of women from the ward we'll be attending in January. It was an absolutely beautiful drive through a rural area and I really wish I could have gotten some pictures, but as I was driving, I figured I'd better not try it! It was a really fun place with lots to do. They had a hay barn that had slides and play areas, a corn maze, a hay ride and a pumpkin patch. Daniel particularly loved the "lawnmower" they had for the kids to play on, I think we went back to it more than 4 times.
When we got to the barn of hay he scampered up the hay bales as fast as he could and stood atop it yelling, "oh my cows!! Whereare (said as one word) you?!" he was searching hi and low and couldn't find them.
When we got to the pumpkins he was off and running, I had to get very creative in how I kept up with him as there were many pumpkin obstacles in the way.
I finally caught up with him to snap a shot in the pumpkins.......but only because his foot got stuck in between some of them! He sat there saying "Mommy, help, my foot stuck!" I looked to make sure he wasn't hurt, then took a few shots before I helped him. I have totally turned into my father! (he always took pictures first and helped later! but I think it's how we got some of our favorite photos)

We hopped onto the hayride after picking out our pumpkins. Daniel said "Mom, I'm hot!" and I said, "really? so hot you're melting?" and this was his response:

It was really miserably hot, around 90 degrees! It was pretty crazy. I think we might have gotten just a bit of heat stroke that day.....


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