So, I'm doing a lot of updating on my blog, this post is about a week ago last Friday....
Tonight we went out to dinner with some of Bryan's friends from school. They all wanted to try Schmidt's and we can't seem to get enough, so we went with them. I was able to walk around just a bit with Daniel while we waited for our table and just fell in love with the area. It's all of these old houses that have been restored and revived. Some day when I have my dream house it's going to look old, with all of the interesting details and architecture, but function as new. I love the thought of reclaiming the history of a house through restoration. (although if I have to build new I certainly won't cry about it!) Anyways, I loved these entries and a million more...

This part of town has it's original cobble stone streets and it just feels like you've stepped back into time. Dinner was a lot of fun. There were two other couples and two girls from Bryan's anatomy group. Everyone got along great and we all just couldn't stop talking. We'll definitely have to get together with these people again.
On Saturday I headed out to Walmart to get a few groceries and a cable to hook our computer up to our TV. We don't get KBYU in our cable package, so we streamed it from the Internet and watched it on our TV, pretty cool huh? It's crazy how much things have changed in the last couple of years, could you even have imagined this technology 10 years ago?
Conference was wonderful. Every year it seems shorter and shorter. I just love the messages that were shared and the spirit that was felt. I also love getting to see some of my old friends in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, it's just fun to see who's doing what with their lives. Bryan and I were also very excited about Henry B. Eyring's new calling to the First Presidency. It means we'll get to hear from him more often. This was how Daniel spent every session of conference...



I can't believe how big your little boy is getting. I think the last time I saw him was at the grocery store that one day when we ran into each other. Guess that was about a year ago. Crazy how time is flying. Fun to look at your blog.


That's how I wish all three of my kids spent conference . . . some people have all the luck!

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