Well, we survived our first tornado. I was out driving when the warning came on the radio and wasn't quite sure what to do... I was pretty sure I wasn't in it's probable path..... so I just kept on on my way to costco. :) We are finally starting to settle into life here. Daniel is doing pretty well, he's FINALLY sleeping in his bed all night!!!!! I think it's ironic that that happened at precisly the same time we got a king size bed. One odd thing though is that lately he doesn't like to leave the house... totally wierd. I'm thinking that it's the only place that he knows really well and leaving makes him anxious. :( Poor little guy. He'll get over it soon I'm sure. Today while I was on the phone with a sister I caught Daniel trying to find "MeMa" (grandma) in the computer. (we video conference with her) He had his nose up to the screen and was looking around saying, "MeMa, where are you??" and "MeMa, you okay?" I thought it was sooooo funny. So yes, we need to call Mema soon. Bryan has his first big test on Friday and is spending all day every day on campus studying. He tried studying at home at first, but it didn't quite work. How could he ignore his cute little 2 year old? So now he does all of his studying on campus. He's really nervous for his test, but I know he'll do great. I'm still busy arranging and rearranging our house, I can't quite decide exactly how I want things to go. And I'm going to start thinking about paint colors soon, I just found out that I'm allowed to paint the appartment!! Makes me very happy. Daniel and I went to the mall today to walk around. It was an awesome mall with The Great Indoors, Sacks 5th ave., Pottery Barn Kids, and lots of other fun stores. And of course a fun playground for the kids. I was amazed at the number of children's clothing stores inside. There were seriously so many adorable outfits! I decided that's the primary reason the Lord didn't give me a girl first, he knew we were poor and that I'd spend waaay too much money on little girls' clothing! I realized today that I forgot to blog about a concert I went to right before we moved. Bryan and I got to go and see Michael Buble in SLC. It was incredible. We went with my sister Shannon and her husband Erik. It was a very welcome distraction from moving. He was seriously amazing, so much fun. It's a show that's not to be missed. I really wished that I had a good zoom lense, but I got some fun photos anyways.



ooh - so fun! I'd love to go to one of his concerts. After the big test you guys will have to come over and relax!

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