.....hi...... remember me? Yeah, it's been a while. We are (almost) settled in Ohio. It's really great here. It's taken some getting used to and still will. But "I really think I'm gonna like it here." (any Annie fans?) At first I thought that the humidity was going to be the death of me. I'd walk outside and my clothes would stick to my body and I'd be covered in sweat. Yuck. But the heat and some of the humidity subsided and I LOVE the weather! It's also beautiful here, very green and lush. Sometimes I feel like I'm back in the northwest. Our apartment is great. Not a ton of living space, but the bedrooms are big and the closet space is HUGE. (3 walk ins, and lets face it, that's what it's all about) I'll post pics when I'm all unpacked and settled. (hopefully later this week) Last night we went to dinner at some friends' house. It turns out that he and I are very distant cousins. (I thought he looked familiar!) They have the cutest little baby boy. Makes me baby hungry. Daniel was especially excited when they let him play in their "big truck." Haven't seen his eyes light up like that in a while, little boys are too cute. I haven't found the cable to download my pictures yet, but when I do, I'll be posting a lot more of what we've been up to.


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