I forgot to write about my favorite part of Sunday in my last post. At church I stayed back to find out where Sunday School was and Bryan started to take Daniel to Nursery. He reached up and grabbed some random woman's hand and kept walking. She thought it was funny and was headed there too, so she just walked with him. When they got to nursery she knelt down and asked him how old he is and he said, "two-haf!" We had no idea that he had any concept of age and that he knew his own. He never ceases to amaze me.

For the next little while I'll be posting old pictures as I get them off my camera and process them. Hope you don't mind the deluge of photos! This is my little nephew who I have found I really miss. What a cutie!

THis was Daniel's first real trip to red robin. He was soo exctited about the train that runs around the restaurant. I highly recommend this restaurant for little boys! I had never thought about it, but what a perfect idea!


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