Good Day/Bad Day
Today we attended the university ward for the first time. I'm excited to get to know people our age with kids Daniel's age. There were quite a few people there that we knew already, so it's not a huge adjustment. We'll be able to attend this ward until Daniel turns 3 in December. It was a good day at church and we were just happy to have found the building! We came home and Daniel was ready for a nap, so I laid down with him and of course fell asleep. When I woke up I wasn't quite with it. I sat down to eat some Taco soup I had made and spilled it ALL over my brand new sweater, so I ran to the kitchen to get some paper towels and in the process knocked over a pitcher of apple juice, it got all over the cabinets, floor and me. Then I went to throw my sweater into the washer. As I put the soap back up onto the shelf I got showered in soap! (I had forgotten that the lid to the vent in the top had fallen behind the washer last time). Of course Bryan was listening to music with his headphones and missed the whole thing! Yeah, so that was the bad day part!


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