Warning! Warning! A deluge of photos to follow! It's been one thing after another after another! But it's fun being busy, we know we will really miss all of the family functions once we move. We celebrated our niece Jane's first birthday. Those pictures are always the cutest. Who could resist a cute baby covered in frosting?
She got a bunch of musical toys and Daniel promptly stole her drum. He seriously goes to town on that baby. So glad it's not ours!!
I've taken to eating anything wonderful during Daniel's naps. (for example, my healthy choice ice cream bars.) But he showed up right after I opened one up the other day and gave me those puppy dog eyes and demanded it. I caved and gave it to him. Then naively thought that since he already had one in his hand he would let me eat one on my own. Not so. He begged and begged and begged until I gave it to him. So here he is, having his cake and eating it too. (he did share with me after a while)(Mommy was standing by with a wash rag too!)
We went to a park and played for a while with some other young couples from church. Daniel was particularly enamored with the watermelon. This look says, "touch the watermelon and I make you pay!"
We got to go to a bit of the parade of homes the other day and saw some incredible homes. It's amazing what you can spend money on! A few of my favorite things ( a very few)
This was an awesome laundry room, you can't see some of it, but trust me, it was awesome. I especially like the built-in rail to hang all of your clothes on. (and the top of the line machines aren't bad either)
I thought this little toilet was the cutest thing! This bathroom was in the middle of a children's heaven of a bedroom. It had tunnels and murals and everything you could imagine.
This indoor pool was incredible. I seriously wanted to jump right in. The house was kind of built around the pool with entrances from all the major areas of the house.
Outside of the house Bryan found his dream. A beautiful red ferrari. What it was doing in the middle of no where, I'll never know, but I think it made the whole day less miserable for him.
When we got back from our excursion the family all got into the pool for the first time. (My in-laws just got it finished) This is a picture of my crazy (only in a good way!) brother in law jumping into the pool from the balcony. Seriously, awesome.
These floaties were are costco and Daniel loves them! (It took some convincing) I love that he looks like a little fishy when he's swimming.


The Lassen Family

ok, I totally want to go swimming now!! I am bringing my bathing suit!!!

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