It's been a while, but I still wanted to post a few pics from the end of our vacation. We soooo miss the ocean! Our last day there was supposed to be 75 degrees, so I had big plans for getting a suntan. Too bad the sun forgot to show! The ocean was covered in fog. So sad. We did get to see some dolphins again this trip. It's always fun to watch them play in the waves. Later that day we decided to go to the Irvine Spectrum mall. It was a really cool place. It's an outdoor mall filled with fountains and stages for performers. As the sun set it lit up and was beautiful. They also had a Ferris wheel that we took a ride on. Beautiful views. Daniel liked it for about 2 mins and then started whining. I think its a general rule for trips, no matter how much fun they are, kids MUST whine! It's just what they do. Daniel did make a new friend on the trip, Gabe. Gabe is about 5years old and such a sweet boy. He was so good to Daniel. He did wonder why Daniel couldn't figure things out, I don't think he understood how much younger Daniel is. I can see us having to deal with this a lot in the future! He just looks sooo big! But they held hands all through the outdoor mall, it was pretty dang cute! Gabe was such a good sport.When the evening was over he decided that only grandma would do and made her carry him all the way back. Sorry Grandma! (I think she secretly loved it!)

All in all it was an absolutely perfect trip. Sigh. Bryan and I wish everyday that we could go back. This is the perfect time to visit Newport. The sand is cool and velvety, the water is refreshingly cool. The dolphins are out in plain site and it's never too hot. Love it, love it love it!

Since we've gotten home I have been doing serious house cleaning and still have quite a ways to go. Bryan is working a ton and Daniel is perfecting his alphabet and counting skills.


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