Okay, it's been way too long. I guess it just shows how my life has been, crazy. I guess if my life ever stopped being crazy I'd get bored, right? The rest of my birthday was wonderful. I was truly spoiled. I got a totally cute purse/scrapbook tote. (it's pink inside) I especially love that it fits my new camera inside and that I can hide a diaper in one of the inside pockets. It's perfect. I loved it so much that it's my new purse, I couldn't just leave it to only be used for crops! I also got some GREAT scrapbooking stuff that I can't wait to use. Someday I'll find the time. I got this cool little "tag curler" that I still have as yet to figure out, some movies that I'm excited to watch and a computer program for all of the old family pics/journals that I've been working on. It looks really cool. http://passageexpress.com/ Now I just need to peg my mom and dad down and get them to identify all of the people in the pics!
I've also gotten to help my sister Shannon out with her wedding preparations. I cut TONS of paper for her menus and place cards, it was actually really soothing to hear the shoosh shoosh of my trimmer all day. I do love my paper. Then I spent two full days trying to track down the last of the paper that we needed. I was seriously giddy when I finally found it online in Nevada. (Google is a wonderful resource!) This looks awesome with the other papers she is using. I've been to the airport 3 times lately, my in-laws went to Mexico and my parents went to Kansas. (yes, Kansas! I have siblings who live there)

Daniel has learned to say "que me" (excuse me) "tank eww" and "wel-cum" the latter two are always one right after the other. His vocabulary and understanding grow everyday, it's impossible to keep up! Bryan and I have been trying to get funding figured out for medical school. (scary, scary!) and have found a few possible places to live.

All of my lessons are going really well, both those I'm teaching and those I'm taking. It's always so refreshing to sing. We've still got so much to do and figure out. It's crazy how quickly time flies!

Just a cute pic of my nephew from the other day...


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