Happy Birthday to me!

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday. The night before my in-laws had a dinner for me, which was really sweet not only because it was nice of them, but they had just gotten back into town and were leaving town again the next day. I'm sure they were way stressed out, but they made time for it anyways. My mother in law made the BEST spare ribs. Seriously, my mouth is watering just typing about them! I got some really great gifts, one of which was a tripod that I am very excited to make use of. The day of my birthday (yesterday) Bryan had the day off so he, Daniel and I drove my in-laws to the airport then went to see This is the Place State Park since we were pretty nearby anyway. It was nice to read all of the history that went into settling this place and the scenery was beautiful! Daniel loved getting to run free, except for one incident involving a goose.... it scared him to death and I'm still chuckling about it. (yeah, I'm a mean mommy)

Afterwards we went to my parents' house to drop Daniel off so that we could catch a matinee of Spiderman 3. I enjoyed it. It is definitely a must see movie. The effects were awesome and it was a fun show. I'll probably buy it just to round out the trilogy. It wasn't the best movie I'd ever seen, but I wouldn't mind seeing it again either. Then we watched part of the documentary called "The Mormons" on PBS. It was.... interesting. I wish that they would have clarified a lot of things and gotten much more in depth, but I guess for the limited time they had it was an okay "glossing over" of the religion. Later that evening we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill with Bryan's siblings. It was delicious as always even if we did have to wait almost two hours to eat. I got the Mushroom Ravioli, soooo good!!!! It tastes the most like the food I had in Italy of all of their dishes. Then Bryan and I went to Target and bought Superman so we could watch it on our new tv. (It was awesome!) Too bad we both fell asleep halfway through. I guess we're getting old...

today I got to see one of my dearests friends for lunch. Anna is in town for an old roommates wedding and we met at the California Pizza Kitchen to eat. It was so great to see her. It felt just like we'd never left college. She looks great too. The best I've ever seen her look. Brat. (You know I love you!) And her daughter is the cutest thing!!! It was just like looking at a mini-Anna. She was a real sweetheart too. She and Daniel fought over crayons, shared food and held hands every once in a while. It was pretty crazy for us to be together with our children.

We (Bryan and I and his bro) watched the Jazz game tonight and are so stoked that they won!!! We knew they had it in them. Tomorrow I'm getting together with my family to celebrate my bday. I'm just trying to soak it all in, because I know that next year we won't get to celebrate it with anyone. Ohio here we come!


The Lassen Family

Yes, happy birthday to you!!! I told my family it was your birthday, on your birthday, but forgot to call--ooops. I am so jealous you got to go to Newport---tell Bryan to go ahead and buy the vacation house, we will borrow it :)


Happy Belated Suzanne! Tell Anna I say hello! I'd like to send you both wedding announcements - so email your mailing addresses to me if you get a chance! kristendorff@gmail.com

Lots of love,

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