So I think yesterday was one of the best days in my husband's life. (he says it was just behind our wedding and the birth of our son) He had a birthday, graduated from college with a double major, had a steak for dinner and the Yankees won TWO games against the Red Sox. I think that day will be hard to beat in the future! It was a great day. I attended his graduation with his parents, my parents and his paternal grandparents. A bunch of my friends graduated on the same day and it was fun to see them. Then we went to Magleby's for breakfast and they had the most incredible pancakes with bananas and raspberries cooked into them. Some of his siblings came over for dinner and brownies with ice cream and then we watched an episode of The Office and Monk. All in all is was a great day. The day before wasn't so great. It was one of those really long day where you feel like you're going to be a mommy FOREVER! I put the baby in the highchair to have some yogurt and went into the other room for a second, came back in and he had "washed" his hair with the yogurt! So I let him finish lunch and then took him into the bathroom to give him a bath. As soon as his diaper was off he proceeded to pee all over the bathroom. Then later that evening while I was making dinner he made off with a full pitcher of apple juice and purposefully dumped the whole thing out onto the floor and mommy legs.... let's just say that I've mopped 6 times and it's still sticky. I know he doesn't really know what he's doing, but it gets a bit frustrating at times. I just keep thinking, "it's a good thing he's cute or I'd give him to the circus!" Being a Mom is just as challenging as college ever was.


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