How fun! Yesterday Dh, Lara, Adam, Tim and I went to the Salt Lake Real Soccer game at rice eccles stadium, it was so much fun! I can't wait to get DS into soccer when he's old enough. It's such a great game. There were some fantastic plays last night and they won! Too bad we missed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes by a week. (they were here for the Madrid game) Andy Williams (#7) had a just incredible run with the ball, it was awesome. Before that we took DS to the pool with some of his uncle and aunts. It was fun, but he always falls asleep in the water! What a nut! At least this time we didn't get burnt. I bought this sunblock that is seriously intense. It's spf 60 and it takes forever to work into your skin because it's soooo thick. Better safe than sorry, eh? Today we went to church and Bryan taught one of the lessons. (He was asked about 1/2 hour before church! He's so brave!) And we're going over to Bryan's parents house for a birthday/graduation dinner with all of the family. ( I swear we celebrate birthdays like four times between both of our families! Okay, we really don't mind that much!) I've been downloading free fonts from www.dafont.com , they've got some really fun new ones. I use them for my digital scrapbooking projects. (and as a template for my paper scrapping) I've just finished some layouts that are really fun. I get all of my paper scrapping supplies at www.scrapgal.com, they are super fast and have great prices.


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