a pic of the little boys during our roomies weekend.
So DH got two more requests for secondaries today! yay! Were are pretty encouraged by all of the responses we've gotten from medical schools. He also found out that he may be able to get some results published from his research in the lab. He just has to finish three finals and he joins the world of college graduates! I finally finished book 8 of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, I've been very suprised at how much I like these books. My DH read them in High School and re-read them recently so I thought I'd give them try and they're great, very interesting. So I started book 9 today and just don't ever want to put them down. For dinner tonight I made us some authentic Italian food that was just soooo yummy. (It's bell pepper pasta, sooo good) DH used to make it for me all the time when we were dating, he's such a good cook. DS has been..... fun today. He's at that stage where he just can't communicate well enough for his liking, so everything is frustrating for him. (and me!) But he did sit down and play with his food while we ate, so I guess I have to look at that as improvement!


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