Count down to Italy!!! I am soooo excited I can hardly contain myself! I still have a ton to do before we leave in 3 days! Lots of laundry, lots of packing and cleaning. I think the end result will help me stay motivated though! Daniel is growing by leaps and bounds. He is now almost out of most of his 2T clothing ( he's only 1 1/2) and he's constantly on the path of destruction. His vocabulary is constantly amazing to me, and his comprehension is incredible. (I guess I need to be careful about how I talk to other drivers in my car! :? It's also amazing what keeps his interest these days, boxes, hair ties, swivel chairs. Forget about the toys, he wants big people stuff!
We got together with my family for dinner last night to celebrate Bryan, Megan and Carlyn's b-days. It was fun to chat with everyone. There we 17 of us in all, it's amazing how fast our family has grown, and that's just half of us. (there are 31 of us so far!) I think it's safe to say that Bryan had a very good birthday this year. My parents start their second official church mission this next month and they'll continue working at the BYU genelogical library. They've really caught the bug. Well, I'm off to my marathon of cleaning, packing and cleaning some more! Italy here I come!


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