A Bike!!!

So, Bryan and I have kept wanting to get Daniel a bike for his birthday, but it's in Decemeber and we're always in Utah for his birthday and Christmas. As much fun as it would be, I just don't know if they'd let us bring it back on the plane! ;) Anyways, this spring we decided heck with it, a boy needs a bike! So we broke down and on the first warm day went to buy him his bike. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea, because all of the bike were gone! 2 days and a bajillion phone calls later we finally found a bike in his size that was in stock and it was even GREEN! Happy day. When we bought it there was an old man there who made sure we knew the trick for training wheels. He said that every few weeks you raise one training wheel about 1/4 of an inch. It gets the child used to not relying on them. Eventually, they don't touch the ground at all and they're riding free! I thought it was such  great advice. I wasn't really looking forward to the dramatic street scene when we took them off. :)
We picked him up a great helmet that got wonderful reviews (this picture was before we fit it correctly) Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet (Black Gloss)( a couple of the reviews are crazy!) I think he felt kind of cool because it was more of a skater helmet and not you traditional gargantuan kids bike helmet. He keeps asking if he's "stylish."
We got him all put together and he was off!
He needed some help learning to peddle. We soon figured out that even though we used one of these:
he never had to pedal on his own. So it's taken him a little while to co-ordinate all of that. :)
He's lovin' it!
Can you tell he's feeling pretty cool? He's talking to the cute girl upstairs, showing off his new bike. :0
Since it took us a few days to get the bike by the time we went out to try it, the weather had turned and it was freezing! Daniel refused a coat but Sam was NOT happy with the chill.


The Lassen Family

so cool! maybe he'll be riding without training wheels before jakob? (we must work on this----now!)


FUN! I bet he's still loving it! Poor Sam, so cold!


Oh he looks soooo happy! I love it. :)

Washington Hills

LOVE IT. Isn't it fun to see our kids get bigger and more independent with life? Poor sweet, Sam! This year he's cold, next year he'll be upset that he can't keep up with his big brother, wink.


cute cute boys!!
That's a great idea on the training wheels.

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