This picture perfectly describes my life right now!



Oh he has the most perfect face! What a handsome boy - hopefully sleep is in the near future!


Funny shirt...and cute kiddo! Knowing you, you're having fun despite the lack of sleep. :)


Oh I just want to snuggle him! Hurry up and get here already!!!!


I can't believe how cute he is! When I saw him during that video chat on Sunday I couldn't believe how much he had changed! I hope things are going well for you guys and I'm sorry that you're not getting sleep. Hopefully that will change soon.

Washington Hills

Swooze, I know you're tired, but holy cow that baby is PERFECT.


Oh - he is just so darn cute...I'm sure even more cute when he's sleeping! Good luck with that! I miss you and are you coming to visit soon? HAVE to see you!

The Lassen Family

so not fair that everyone in UT will see him before me :) I feel like he and I have bonded!! erg-----he is sooo stinking cute!!!

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