So Big!

I just had to document this for myself. :)
I finally had to face the facts (and the bare belly and ankles) and admit that my little boy needed a larger size of clothing. Now, little boys are constantly growing and expanding, so this really shouldn't have been a shock to me. I've seen it coming inch by inch by inch. Literally. I looked the other day and Daniel has grown almost 4 inches in a year!

I'm always amazed at how quickly they grow! 
 So why was this time any harder than the others have been? Because my first baby has moved from the children's section to the big boys section. There will never again be a "T" after his size and all the clothes look so grown up. I'm thinking his Elmo shirt will be on it's way out soon. (he's not "cool" enough anymore:(  ) It's funny the things that make you pause as you raise a child. Some things find greater meaning and pull in your life and others fade away.  
 Sigh, why can't they stay little forever!


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